Sourcing Ingredients


Making quality products requires quality ingredients and we have a network of trusted suppliers. We understand the considerations necessary for specific label claims such as organic, kosher, gluten-free, and gmo-free. We buy ingredients from approved suppliers that meet our expectations for quality, reliability, and cost. 





We buy our stock ingredients in various formats. Wet ingredients are typically ordered by tanker, 275-gallon IBC tote, or 55-gallon drum. Dry ingredients are typically ordered by bags 25 lb to 100 lb. We have on-site cold storage and freezer storage. 

Our controls


Every product we make goes through testing to assure that it has been made to specification and we have an extensive HACCP plan to ensure food safety. We have a full allergen control program including special labeling of incoming ingredients which contain allergens, dedicated tools for handling allergenic ingredients, and testing after sanitation for allergen residue before a line is used to run non-allergen products.

We supply:


- Black Pepper

- Citric Acid

- Corn Syrup 

- Garlic (minced & powdered)

- Honey 

- Juice Concentrates

- Ketchup

- Molasses

- Mustard

- Olive Oil

- Onion (minced & powdered)

- Salt

- Soy Sauce 

- Sugar

- Vegetable Oil

- Vinegars