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Choosing a Food Manufacturing Partner


People. Relationships matter, especially in this industry. What do other customers say? Are you able to trust us as a business partner? Do not discount this factor.


Scalability. Is your sales volume suitable for our production capabilities? If your business increases, can we handle it?


Location. Where is your distribution? Can you reduce costs by direct shipping from our facility?


Cost. Is our pricing competitive for your product and sales volume? Are there other costs? How might costs change as you grow?


Compatibility. Do we have the right equipment for your product? If not, what are the equipment costs?

What do we offer?


We offer contract packing solutions for established and growing brands of specialty food products. We offer our own recipes for private label and food service. We also offer storage, fulfillment, and procurement services.



Our facility is audited by a third party for GMP and food safety measures. We are certified organic by Quality Assurance International and certified kosher by Orthodox Union.